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Following another successful period of Internet Marketing success, HowToCorp is sorry to announce that Michael is now going to take a step back from Internet Marketing for a time to concentrate on other projects.

But don’t despair! He will continue to tweet amazing free tips from his Ebooks!

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COMING UP! Live performance from Michael Green at Norwich Arts Centre!


Following Michael's wild success in presenting his Internet marketing tips at Camden People's Theatre last month, Michael Green is back with us for another look at deception in the free market and our relationships to the online personas we create!

This promises to be Michael's biggest performance yet! Don't miss it!

"It changed my life!" - Artist Simon Farid

Norwich Arts Centre, 15th April, 20.00

COMING UP! Live performance from Michael Green at Camden People's Theatre!

Michael Green is back to present his new multimedia presentation Don't Hate The Rich - Be One Of Them! live from Camden People's Theatre as a part of Sprint 2015.

Here Michael will teach you about the inner workings of online identities, free-market capitalism and the history of stealing in the artistic avant-garde!

Can't make it to London? Don't worry - we'll carry the live stream right here too!

Don't miss it! Artist Simon Farid said, "It changed my life!"

Camden People's Theatre, 7th March, 19.30 GMT

WEBINAR: WEBINAR: The Internet Knows You're Not a Dog! (February 2015)

Responding to a question from a fan, in this episode Michael teaches us how to maintain a separate (and marketable) online identity when the likes of GCHQ, the NSA and advertising algorithms try to monitor our every click! Secrets every Internet marketer needs to know!

WEBINAR: Don't Re-invent The Wheel! (January 2015)

Beginning by describing the success of his Google-tricking, text-copying programme 'TrafficPaymaster Software', Michael outlines for us the importance of mimicry, borrowing and impersonation in capitalist exchange, with reference to Situationism, Dragon's Den and GCHQ.

WEBINAR: How To Construct a Marketable Identity Online! (October 2014)

In internet marketing your most important product is YOU! Michael will be revealing all his exclusive free tips on 'How To Construct A Marketable Identity Online' in this free and easy webinar! Don't miss this chance to learn from possibly the greatest internet marketing guru of his generation!'

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